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Bayerische Motoren Werke AG, translated in English as Bavarian Motor Works, commonly referred to as BMW), is a German multinational company which produces au...

Lincoln Navigator

The Lincoln Navigator is a full-size luxury SUV marketed and sold by the Lincoln brand of Ford Motor Company since the 1998 model year. Sold primarily in Nor...

Digital Invoice Customs Exchange (DICE)

The Digital Invoice Customs Exchange is a revenue protection idea developed to prevent tax evasion methods such as sales suppression in domestic trade and mi...

Mens rea

Mens rea is the mental element of a persons intention to commit a crime; or knowledge that ones action or lack of action would cause a crime to be committed....

The Fable of the Bees

The Fable of The Bees: or, Private Vices, Publick Benefits is a book by the Anglo-Dutch social philosopher Bernard Mandeville. It consists of the satirical p...

Kuldeep Manak

Kuldeep Manak was an Indian singer best known for singing a rare genre of Punjabi music, Kali, also known by its plural form kalian or kaliyan. In the late 1...

Mark Baguley

Mark Baguley is a former professional Australian rules footballer who played for the Essendon Football Club in the Australian Football League. Baguley played...

Mike Kirkby

Michael J Kirkby is a British geographer and Emeritus Professor of Physical Geography at the University of Leeds. Kirkby was educated at the University of Ca...

Eleanor Updale

Eleanor Updale is an English fiction writer, best known for the Victorian-era London thriller Montmorency and its sequels, the Montmorency series.

Synthetic Reaction Updates

Synthetic Reaction Updates is a current awareness bibliographic database from the Royal Society of Chemistry that provides alerts of recently published devel...

Non-Sport Update

Non-Sport Update is a magazine founded by Roxanne Toser Non-Sport Enterprises, Inc. for collectors of non-sport and entertainment trading cards. Subjects tha...

Soap Opera Update

Soap Opera Update was a magazine dedicated to the coverage of soap operas, co-founded by Angela Shapiro in 1988. The magazine was published every three weeks...

Catholic Update

Catholic Update is a four-page newsletter that explores Church teaching and traditions, promoting better understanding by all Catholics. It is published by L...

  • 2x BMW VI engines. Dornier Do 16 Do J IId Wal 2x BMW VI engines. Militar - Wal Do J IIe 16 Bos Wal 2x BMW VI engines Do J IIf Bos Wal 2x BMW VI U engines
  • underwent mid - cycle updates with the Town Car receiving a full chassis redesign with Lincoln introducing the second generation of the Navigator As a complement
  • its speed reached 380 km h 230 mph when powered by a 447 kW 600 hp BMW VI engine. The He 70 was designed with an elliptical wing, which the Gunther
  • designation the lone exceptions were the Town Car and the Navigator After the 2011 model year, the Navigator became the sole non - MK Lincoln as the Town Car sedan
  • between the Lincoln MKX renamed the Lincoln Nautilus and the Lincoln Navigator the MKT shared its Ford D4 chassis with the Ford Flex CUV and the 2011 - 2019
  • on 23 November 1934, the Do 17 V1, with a single fin and powered by two BMW VI 7.3 motors, took off on its first flight. Testing was delayed by a series
  • Lincoln introduced an optional 114 - hp 2.4L turbodiesel inline - 6 sourced from BMW with a ZF 4 - speed automatic transmission for 1984. WIth only 1, 500 sold
  • Michigan Wixom Assembly alongside the Lincoln Continental, LS, and Mark VI VII, and VIII. Following the closure of the facility, Ford shifted production
  • Motor Museum James Bond 007 The Films and the Vehicles page supplied by BMW AG, retrieved on January 5, 2008. IMCDb.org - Internet Movie Cars Database
  • from popular European rally car platforms of the time e.g. Audi Quattro, BMW M3 Sport Evolution, Renault 5 Turbo 2, etc. although Nissan s choice of
  • Code Database Search from Aviation Codes Central Web Site - Regular Updates Airline Designator Code Listing from FAA Web Site European Airline
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