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Bayerische Motoren Werke AG, translated in English as Bavarian Motor Works, commonly referred to as BMW), is a German multinational company which produces au...

BMW Motorrad

BMW Motorrad is the motorcycle brand of the German company BMW, part of its Corporate and Brand Development division. It has produced motorcycles since 1923,...

Peekaboo (film)

Peekaboo is a 2011 Australian short film written and directed by Damien Power, and produced by Joe Weatherstone. The film was a finalist in the Dendy Awards ...

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The Scourge of Malice is built and launched, and will go on to be used in the first, second, third and tenth voyages of the East India Company under its late...

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In 1959, the Central Government dismissed the democratically elected government in 1957 elections through the controversial Article 356 of the Indian Constit...

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  • BMW Motorrad is the motorcycle brand of the German company BMW part of its Corporate and Brand Development division. It has produced motorcycles since
  • The BMW G310 R is a standard or naked motorcycle developed by BMW Motorrad in collaboration with TVS Motor Company of India It marks BMW s first modern
  • automobile designer and motorcycle designer. He began his career at BMW Motorrad as head of vehicle design motorcycles from 1986 to 2009, responsible
  • Series Gran Turismo, BMW 5 Series, BMW 6 Series Gran Turismo, BMW 7 Series, BMW X1, BMW X3, BMW X4, BMW X5, BMW X7 and MINI Countryman. BMW 3 Series Sedan
  • BMW M3 Racetype BMW M8 GTE BMW IFE.18 BMW M BMW in motorsport Turner Motorsport BMW Sauber Alpina Dinan BMW BMW Motorrad BMW Motorsport Official website
  • other companies. BMW s own motorcycles - sold under the BMW Motorrad brand - began in 1923 with the BMW R 32, which was powered by a flat - twin engine also called
  • marketed under the brands BMW Mini and Rolls - Royce, and motorcycles are marketed under the brand BMW Motorrad In 2015, BMW was the world s twelfth - largest
  • new additions to BMW and BMW Motorrad lineups BMW Thailand. 7 March 2018. Retrieved 1 April 2018. Euro NCAP results for BMW 5 Series PDF euroncap
  • other companies. BMW s own motorcycles - sold under the BMW Motorrad brand - began in 1923 with the BMW R 32, which was powered by a flat - twin engine also
  • subcompact car 2019 - present BMW Motorrad has produced motorcycles bearing the BMW name since the introduction of the BMW R32 in 1923. Prior to that date
  • bike made by the TVS Motor Company in collaboration with BMW Motorrad that was launched in India on December 6, 2017 It uses a 312.2 cc 19.05 cu in
  • The BMW Headquarters German: BMW - Vierzylinder English: BMW four - cylinder also known as the BMW HQ or BMW Tower German: BMW Hochhaus is a Munich
  • The BMW i is a sub - brand of BMW founded in 2011 to design and manufacture plug - in electric vehicles. The company s initial plans call for the release
  • The BMW Car Club of America BMW CCA is a U.S - based organization of enthusiasts and owners of BMW - made automobiles including MINI Organized into
  • The BMW Art Car Project was introduced by the French racecar driver and auctioneer Herve Poulain, who wanted to invite an artist to create a canvas on
  • BMW has been involved in Formula One in a number of capacities since the inauguration of the World Drivers Championship in 1950. The company entered
  • Formula BMW was a junior racing formula for single seater cars. It was positioned at the bottom of the motorsport career ladder alongside the longer established
  • BMW Brilliance officially BMW Brilliance Automotive Ltd. is an automobile manufacturing company headquartered in Shenyang, China and a joint venture
  • BMW M GmbH, formerly known as BMW Motorsport GmbH, is a high - performance division of BMW AG that manufactures high - performance cars. BMW M M for motorsport
  • BMW cars have been officially sold in the United States since 1956 and manufactured in the United States since 1994. The first BMW dealership in the United
  • BMW Marine GmbH was BMW s marine engine division. BMW s interest in marine engines dated back to 1913 they began making marine engines in 1919 after
  • participates in. In 2016 TVS started manufacturing the BMW G310R, a model co - developed with BMW Motorrad after their strategic partnership in April 2013. In
  • for MINI, Rolls Royce, BMW Motorrad and Aftersales BMW Group. In March 2017, he was appointed to his current role at BMW He is due to step at the end
  • platform BMW X6 SUV with Coupe roofline, based on X5 platform BMW X7 SUV based on 7 Series platform BMW X1 BMW X2 BMW X3 BMW X4 BMW X5 BMW X6 BMW X7
  • moving to Munich to join BMW as an exterior designer in 1982. Two years later, he transferred to the motorcycle division, BMW Motorrad since when he has worked
  • BMW Welt building as seen at daylight BMW Welt interior, 2008 BMW Welt, 2009 Touratech BMW F800GS inside the BMW Welt View of the BMW HQ from BMW Welt
  • Group, BMW s largest shareholder since 1959, in 1965. On 1 January 1970, Kuenheim became the CEO of the BMW Group. When Kuenheim became CEO, BMW had 23
  • BMW has been producing engines for automobiles, motorcycles and aircraft since 1917, when production began on a straight - six aircraft engine. As per many
  • The Kumho BMW Championship is a single make racing series based in the UK. Exclusively for BMWs the championship is run by the BMW Racing Drivers Club
  • BMW cars and motorcycles have been successful in a range of motorsport activities. Apart from the factory efforts, many privateer teams enter BMW road
  • BMW of North America, Inc. v. Gore, 517 U.S. 559 1996 was a United States Supreme Court case limiting punitive damages under the Due Process Clause
  • British automotive marque founded in 1969, owned by German automotive company BMW since 2000, and used by them for a range of small cars. The word Mini has
  • BMW Assist is a telematic roadside assistance service offered by BMW BMW Assist is similar to GM s OnStar or Mercedes - Benz mbrace services as they both
  • the German - based BMW AG. BMW de Mexico has two production facilities in Lerma, Toluca, Mexico State. In one, the company manufactures BMW motorcycles, and
  • The BMW Bank GmbH is a finance service and a company of the BMW Group. The company known under BMW Group Financial Services was founded in 1971 in Munich
  • The BMW film series The Hire is a series of eight short films averaging about ten minutes each produced for the Internet in 2001 and 2002. A form of
  • The BMW Museum is an automobile museum of BMW history located near the Olympiapark in Munich, Germany. The museum was established in 1973, shortly after
  • BMW xDrive is the marketing name for the all - wheel drive system found on various BMW models since 2003. The system uses an electronically - actuated clutch - pack
  • squad for BMW and has remarkable results in touring car and sports car racing scenes. The team often runs the cars for BMW under the name of BMW Motorsport
  • Breisgau, West Germany was the chairman of the board of management CEO for BMW he was to be replaced on 16 August 2019 by Oliver Zipse, after he declined
  • Olympia Fields The BMW Championship is a professional golf tournament which is the penultimate FedEx Cup playoff event on the PGA Tour schedule. Introduced
  • The Dixi was the first car made by BMW Dixi was the brand name of cars made by Automobilwerk Eisenach Eisenach car factory starting in 1904. In the
  • The BMW Guggenheim Lab is a collaboration between the Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation and the BMW Group. It is an interdisciplinary mobile laboratory
  • owned by BMW Brilliance which specialises in electric vehicles. It was launched in 2013. Zinoro 1E 之诺1E is all - electric crossover, based on the BMW X1 E84
  • Series. The BMW M1 Procar Championship, sometimes known simply as Procar, was a one - make auto racing series created by Jochen Neerpasch, head of BMW Motorsport
  • subsidiary of BMW Group Thailand. The BMW Group Thailand was founded in 1998 as a subsidiary of BMW AG and consists of three companies: BMW Thailand Co
  • Tennis - Meisterschaften von Bayern, known since 1990 by its sponsored name BMW Open is a men s tennis tournament held at the MTTC Iphitos in Munich, Germany
  • When Rover Met BMW is a 5 - part documentary series produced by the BBC in 1996. German motor company BMW had bought Rover in 1994 and the series follows
  • The BMW International Open is an annual men s professional golf tournament on the European Tour held in Germany. Founded in 1989, it was held near BMW s
  • into a producer of motor scooters, then automobiles. It was purchased by BMW in 1966, mainly to gain access to Glas s patents they were the first to
  • have included the BMW electric car, BMW 8 Series E31 seat, BMW 3 Series E46 BMW Z8, BMW 7 Series interior, BMW Zeta show car, and BMW 100 - and 1200 Touring
  • first car of which was the BMW 303. Later successors were the BMW 315, BMW 319, BMW 327 and the elegant sports coupe BMW 328. In 1942 regular automobile
  • is known best for his work as Chief of Design for BMW Group, where he was responsible for the BMW MINI and Rolls - Royce motor cars. Bangle was born in
  • German: Hofmeister - Knick is an automotive design feature seen on modern BMWs and automobiles by other manufacturers. The feature consists of a low forward
  • 1995 BMW E34 M5, 1993 - 1996 BMW E34 540i, BMW E38 740i iL, BMW 840i Ci, 1996 - 2003 BMW E39 M5, BMW E39 540i, BMW M3 E46 BMW Z8 560G - 6 - speed BMW E31
  • Oschersleben, Germany near the Motorsport Arena The team operated as a BMW privateer since its inception in 1999 except in 2018 with plenty of success
  • Series G30 BMW 6 Series G32 BMW 7 Series G11 BMW 8 Series G15 BMW X3 G01 BMW X4 G02 BMW X5 G05 BMW X6 G06 BMW X7 G07 BMW Z4 G29 The
  • VANOS is a variable valve timing system used by BMW on various automotive petrol engines since 1992. The name is an abbreviation of the German words for