bmw motorcycle models by year:

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List of Yamaha motorcycles

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  • BMW Motorrad is the motorcycle brand of the German company BMW part of its Corporate and Brand Development division. It has produced motorcycles since
  • WWII - era motorcycle see BMW R75 The BMW R50 5, R60 5, and R75 5 form a range of boxer twin motorcycles manufactured in Berlin, Germany, by BMW for model years
  • The BMW R1200GS and R1200GS Adventure are motorcycles manufactured in Berlin, Germany by BMW Motorrad, part of the BMW group. It is one of the BMW GS family
  • The BMW F650 is a family of motorcycles developed by BMW Motorrad beginning in 1993. Models included the F650St Strada and from 1994, the F650 dubbed
  • The BMW R1200RT is a touring or sport touring motorcycle that was introduced in 2005 by BMW Motorrad to replace the R1150RT model It features a 1, 170 cc
  • The BMW R51 3 was BMW s second post - World War II 500 cc motorcycle following the briefly produced R51 2. It featured a flat - twin engine and exposed drive
  • straight - six aircraft engine called the BMW IIIa. Following the end of World War I, BMW remained in business by producing motorcycle engines, farm equipment, household
  • The following is a list of BMW automobiles and motorcycles ordered by year of introduction. 3 15, 1927 1932 3 20 PS, compact car 1932 1934 303, compact
  • currently BMW s major global production site for the X4, X5, X6, and X7 crossover SUVs, whose biggest market is the U.S., while other BMW models sold in
  • BMW R 100, with variant models designated by T, S, CS, RS, RS Classic, RT, RT Classic, TIC, R and GS is a BMW motorcycle series, using a two - cylinder four - stroke
  • run of 2006 model year R1150GSA models as well. The R1150GS models are part of the BMW GS family of dual - sport or adventure motorcycles that have been
  • The BMW K1600GT, K1600GTL, K1600B are motorcycles manufactured by BMW Motorrad. The former two were announced in July 2010, unveiled at the Intermot motorcycle
  • reassuring ride. In 1968, BMW introduced telescopic forks on some of its slash - 2 models and they were continued into the 1969 model year Modified, they became
  • models with telescopic forks, which were used later on the BMW R - 5 series motorcycles were introduced in the United States for the 1968 model year
  • The BMW R1100RS is a sports tourer motorcycle that was manufactured by BMW Motorrad between 1993 and 2001, and was the first BMW motorcycle to use the
  • 1970s 750 cc motorcycles see BMW R75 5, BMW R75 6, or BMW R75 7 The BMW R75 is a World War II - era motorcycle and sidecar combination produced by the German
  • The BMW K100 is a family of four - cylinder 987 cc motorcycles that were manufactured by BMW from 1983 to 1992. As the 1970s came to an end, BMW faced three
  • typically use purpose - built motorcycles marketed by Harley - Davidson, Kawasaki, or BMW Motorrad. Kawasaki police motorcycles which were built for the US
  • The BMW R1200C was a cruiser motorcycle manufactured by BMW Motorrad from 1997 to 2004. BMW manufactured 40, 218 units, including a smaller engine version
  • model year BMW has shown an electric motorcycle concept vehicle based on a similar size frame and similar styling. The C - series engine is built by Kymco
  • The BMW R1200R is a standard motorcycle introduced in 2006 by BMW Motorrad. It replaces the R1150R, compared with which it has a 55 lb 25 kg weight
  • BMW New Class German: Neue Klasse was a line of sedans and coupes produced by German automaker BMW between 1962 and 1977. These models ensured BMW s
  • The BMW R90S is a 900cc sport motorcycle produced by BMW from 1973 to 1976. BMW commissioned designer Hans Muth to oversee the R90S, which became the
  • The BMW R1100GS is a dual - sport motorcycle that was launched in 1993, and manufactured from 1994 to 1999 by BMW Motorrad in Berlin, Germany. The bike
  • The BMW R12 and R17 are flat - twin engine motorcycles made by BMW Motorrad from 1935 through 1942. They were developed in 1935 based on the R7 concept of
  • BMW S1000RR is a sport bike initially made by BMW Motorrad to compete in the 2009 Superbike World Championship, that is now in commercial production.
  • acquired by KTM AG in 1995. Husqvarna motorcycles were then produced in Varese, Italy. In July 2007, Husqvarna motorcycles was purchased by BMW for a reported
  • The BMW R2 was a 198 cc overhead valve single - cylinder motorcycle produced by BMW between 1931 and 1936, the smallest motorcycle ever produced by the
  • The BMW R65 was a light touring motorcycle introduced by BMW in 1978 to add a mid - size motorcycle to its product line. The original R65, contrary to the
  • BMW S1000RR motorcycle Established in May 1972 with 35 employees, it grew to 400 employees by 1988, and is currently an integral part of BMW s market presence
  • output to the 350 cc flat twin models The first of these models designated the T35 was one of the first production motorcycles to be fitted with rear suspension
  • The BMW R68 is a 594 cc 36.2 cu in sport version of the pre - 1955 BMW motorcycles A total of 1, 452 models were manufactured from 1952 to 1954, making
  • The BMW R1250GS is a motorcycle manufactured in Berlin, Germany by BMW Motorrad, part of the BMW group. It is one of the BMW GS family of dual sport motorcycles
  • see BMW 3 Series Compact All - wheel drive, last available in the E30 3 Series, was reintroduced for the E46 on the 325xi, 330xi and 330xd models The
  • BMW 501 was a luxury car manufactured by BMW from 1952 to 1958. Introduced at the first Frankfurt Motor Show in 1951, the 501 was the first BMW model
  • The BMW F series is a family of parallel - twin engine dual - sport motorcycles manufactured in Berlin, Germany by BMW Motorrad. Launched in 2008, the range
  • brand s motorcycles of this period, all 53, 685 units were made at BMW s Spandau, Berlin factory. The R 1100 R was succeeded by the model year 2001 R 1150
  • BMW M models used the same model codes as the rest of the model range. However, the F32 F33 F36 generation was one of the first where the M models use
  • Electric Motorcycles Solo Moto. Retrieved 15 May 2016. Most reliable motorcycles Japanese bikes have fewer problems than BMW and Harley models Consumer
  • Produced from April 1994 to 2001, the BMW E38 was the third generation of the BMW 7 Series. The flagship represented an attractive evolution in design
  • The BMW R1100S is a sports motorcycle that was manufactured by BMW Motorrad between 1998 and 2005. Introduced some 25 years after the R90S, the company s
  • motorcycles are usually heavier and more durable than the models derived from off - road motorcycles This approach is currently taken by Aprilia, BMW
  • CJ750 motorcycle is based on the original 1956 Soviet IMZ Irbitski Mototsikletniy Zavod M - 72 which itself was derived from the earlier German 1938 BMW R71
  • The BMW K1200RS is a sport - touring motorcycle made by BMW The K1200RS is the last evolution of the BMW four - cylinder longitudinal engine, often referred
  • mixture was provided by a Bing sliding throttle side draft motorcycle carburetor. In addition to further changes of detail, the BMW engineers enlarged the
  • adventure touring category of motorcycling with its dual - sport model the R80G S. In 1988, BMW was the first motorcycle manufacturer to introduce anti - lock - brakes
  • the BMW Museum and BMW Headquarters. It has a showroom with the current model lineup of BMW cars and motorcycles and the other two BMW Group brands, Mini
  • Motorcycle Factory is a Russian maker of heavy sidecar motorcycles In 1940, the Soviet Union acquired the design and production techniques for BMW
  • The BMW Car Club of America BMW CCA is a U.S - based organization of enthusiasts and owners of BMW - made automobiles including MINI Organized into
  • The BMW F650CS was a standard motorcycle made by BMW Motorrad from 2001 to 2005. CS stood for city street, as it was aimed at urban commuters and it was
  • launched the model KR 1, which has a 494 cc BMW twin - cylinder side - valve flat twin boxer engine mounted longitudinally in the motorcycle frame. The engine
  • 1954 the company also manufactured motorcycles It made a range of models using engines from 125cc to 250cc made by ILO, and the Gouverneur, which had
  • The BMW R1200RS is a sport - touring motorcycle produced by BMW Motorrad. The Sports Tourer is largely based on the liquid - cooled roadster R1200R series
  • Thomas Krens, himself a motorcycling enthusiast, supported by a novel corporate tie - in with BMW The motorcycles were chosen by experts including Krens
  • Triumph Motorcycles Ltd is the largest UK - owned motorcycle manufacturer, established in 1983 by John Bloor after the original company Triumph Engineering
  • killed in South Africa while testing new BMW R1200GS Motorcycle safety List of motorcycle deaths in U.S. by year List of Billown Course fatal accidents
  • The museum shows BMW s technical development throughout the company s history. It contains engines and turbines, aircraft, motorcycles and vehicles in
  • Soviet occupation zone. The factory continued producing cars and motorcycles under the BMW brand, but after a lawsuit in 1952 they had to change the name