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Bayerische Motoren Werke AG, translated in English as Bavarian Motor Works, commonly referred to as BMW), is a German multinational company which produces au...

Suzanne Segal

Suzanne Segal was a writer and teacher about spiritual enlightenment, known for her sudden experience of Self-Realization which she wrote about in her book C...

International Tent Pegging Federation

The International Tent Pegging Federation, formerly known as the World Tent Pegging Federation is the international governing body of tent pegging. The ITPF ...

Collins John

Collins John is a Liberian-born Dutch footballer who last played as a forward for Pittsburgh Riverhounds. John notably played in the Premier League for Fulha...

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Alasdair A. K. White

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History of BMW

The official founding date of the German motor vehicle manufacturer BMW is 7 March 1916, when an aircraft engine manufacturer called Bayerische Flugzeugwerke...

I would rather cry in a BMW

"I would rather cry in a BMW" is a quotation that became an online sensation in the Peoples Republic of China in 2010. The old, long-familiar phrase was made...

Hurricane Dog (1950)

Hurricane Dog was the most intense hurricane in the 1950 Atlantic hurricane season. Prior to reanalysis by the Hurricane Research Division in 2014, it was co...

Solar eclipse of March 18, 1950

An annular solar eclipse occurred on March 18, 1950. A solar eclipse occurs when the Moon passes between Earth and the Sun, thereby totally or partly obscuri...

Solar eclipse of September 12, 1950

A total solar eclipse occurred on September 12, 1950. A solar eclipse occurs when the Moon passes between Earth and the Sun, thereby totally or partly obscur...

Moonlight Echigo

The Moonlight Echigo was a seasonal rapid overnight train service operated by East Japan Railway Company, which runs from Shinjuku to Niigata in Niigata Pref...

  • BMW s motorcycle history began in 1921 when the company commenced manufacturing engines for other companies. BMW s own motorcycles - sold under the BMW
  • were permitted, BMW introduced its R51 2 in 1950 a model that was in production for only one year and that was essentially a pre - war BMW produced after
  • solvency after the company s financial crisis of the 1950 s and established the identity of BMW automobiles as sports sedans. The first New Class vehicle
  • BMW has been involved in Formula One in a number of capacities since the inauguration of the World Drivers Championship in 1950 The company entered occasional
  • BMW Motorrad is the motorcycle brand of the German company BMW part of its Corporate and Brand Development division. It has produced motorcycles since
  • The BMW 501 was a luxury car manufactured by BMW from 1952 to 1958. Introduced at the first Frankfurt Motor Show in 1951, the 501 was the first BMW model
  • BMW in 1922. However the name BMW dates back to 1913, when the original company to use the name BMW was born initially as Rapp Motorenwerke BMW s
  • motorcycle, see BMW R75 The BMW R50 5, R60 5, and R75 5 form a range of boxer twin motorcycles manufactured in Berlin, Germany, by BMW for model years
  • speed of 109.64 mph 176.45 km h BMW R51 3 BMW R60 2 History of BMW motorcycles List of motorcycles of the 1950 s Falloon, page 15 Falloon, page 19 Transcript
  • The BMW E24 is the first generation of BMW 6 Series grand tourer coupes which was produced from 1976 to 1989 and replaced the BMW E9 coupes. The E24 was
  • motorcycles. BMW F650GS F800GS BMW F800R BMW F800S BMW F800ST BMW G450X BMW G650 Xmoto, Xchallenge, and Xcountry BMW R1200GS BMW R1200R BMW R1200RT BMW R1200S
  • boxer - twin that were manufactured from 1956 to 1969 in Munich, Germany, by BMW Some 20, 133 of these 600 cc shaft - drive, opposed twin R60 1956 1960, 28 hp
  • BMW has been producing engines for automobiles, motorcycles and aircraft since 1917, when production began on a straight - six aircraft engine. As per many
  • The BMW R68 is a 594 cc 36.2 cu in sport version of the pre - 1955 BMW motorcycles. A total of 1, 452 models were manufactured from 1952 to 1954, making
  • continued until 1950 The 321 was introduced at the start of 1939 as a successor to the BMW 320. It sat on a shortened version of the BMW 326 chassis. The
  • The BMW M10 is an SOHC four - cylinder petrol engine which was produced from 1962 - 1988. It was BMW s first four - cylinder engine since the BMW 309 ended
  • a bubble car, a name also given to other similar vehicles. In 1955, the BMW Isetta became the world s first mass - production car to achieve a fuel consumption
  • Book Of BMW Every Model Since 1950 MotorBooks International, p. 307, ISBN 978 - 0 - 7603 - 1951 - 2, retrieved 2011 - 04 - 28 Norbye, Jan P. 1984 BMW - Bavaria s
  • Since the pre - war BMW 328 model, BMW had a reputation for sporty production cars. The expensive V8 - powered BMW 503 and BMW 507 of the 1950 s could not add
  • the only postwar BMW motorcycle produced without a rear suspension. BMW introduced the R25 model, with plunger rear suspension, in 1950 The last of the
  • The BMW 507 is a roadster that was produced by BMW from 1956 to 1959. Initially intended to be exported to the United States at a rate of thousands per
  • The BMW M78 is an overhead valve straight - six petrol engine which was produced from 1933 to 1950 It is the first straight - 6 automobile engine produced
  • The BMW 600 is a four - seater microcar produced by the German automaker BMW from mid - 1957 until November 1959. Partially based on the BMW Isetta two - seater
  • The BMW 503 is a two - door 2 2 gran turismo manufactured by German automaker BMW from 1956 to 1959. The company developed the 503 alongside the 507 roadster
  • The BMW R25 is a Motorbike made by BMW with a single Cylinder engine placed upright in the frame. Production started in the beginning of 1950 and ended
  • The BMW GS series of dual purpose off - road on - road BMW motorcycles have been produced from 1980, when the R80G S was launched, to the present day. The
  • the 1950 s. Early years were dogged by disputes centred on ownership of the plant where it was assembled and its manufacturers rights to use the BMW name
  • he finished ninth. Starting with motorboats in the 1950 s, he became part of the Formula 2 team of BMW which intended to take part in the 1969 German Grand
  • The BMW 327 is a medium - sized touring coupe produced by the Bavarian firm between 1937 and 1941, and again produced after 1945. It sat on a shortened
  • Henry Wolz, BMW 1950 600 cc: Hermann Boehm Karl Fuchs, NSU 1200 cc: Kraus Huser, BMW 1951: 500 cc: Ludwig Kraus Bernard Huser, BMW 750 cc: Eric
  • Leader BMW R24 BMW R25 BMW R25 2 BMW R25 3 BMW R51 2 BMW R51 3 BMW R67 BMW R67 2 BMW R67 3 BMW R68 BMW R50 BMW R60 BMW R69 BSA C15 BSA Golden Flash BSA
  • and 1950 A handful of BMW 326s were made in 1946 - 7 and 161 EMW 325 3s bucket car were made in 1952. In 1949 the Eisenach works launched the BMW 340
  • JPS Team BMW is a former Australian motor racing team that ran from 1981 1987. The team s main focus was touring car racing but also ran in sports sedans
  • the BMW brand, but after a lawsuit in 1952 they had to change the name to EMW instead. The logotype was also similar, but instead of the blue BMW used
  • Tennis - Meisterschaften von Bayern, known since 1990 by its sponsored name BMW Open is a men s tennis tournament held at the MTTC Iphitos in Munich, Germany
  • racing, including the European Touring Car Championship. In 1966, he raced a BMW New Class 2000TI. In the six - hour GroSer Preis der Tourenwagen on 3 July
  • initially re - built and tuned pre - war BMW 328 cars using components supplied by a customer, turning them into BMW - Veritas cars. The first car was used
  • Lewin, Tony 2004 The racing line The Complete Book of BMW Every Model since 1950 St. Paul, MN USA: Motorbooks International. p. 145. ISBN 0 - 7603 - 1951 - 0
  • d Este Ferrari 166 MM, Barchetta 1950 Trofeo BMW Group - Best of Show by the Jury Alfa Romeo 8C 2300, Spider 1932 Trofeo BMW Group Italia - by Public Referendum
  • 2 June 1982 was a German industrialist who is regarded as having saved BMW when it was at the point of bankruptcy. and made a huge profit in doing so
  • Volkswagen in 1998. Bentley Motors is the company s direct successor however BMW acquired the rights to the Rolls - Royce trademark for use on automobiles and
  • from immediately pre - WW2 BMW products thanks to a connection to BMW through Frazer Nash the chassis was based on the BMW 326, the engine on the 328
  • first 24 hours race at the wheel of a BMW 2002ti. He won there again in 1998 and 2004, too, each time with a BMW touring car. In 1972, Stuck teamed up
  • 1800 2000 2002 2500 2800 3.0S 3.0Si 3.3Li BMW i8 BMW i8 cabriolet BMW i3 BMW i3s BMW E9 1925 present C - Max Galaxy Explorer Expedition F - series
  • Flink BMW R32 BMW R37 BMW R39 BMW R42 BMW 1929 record setter motorcycle with Ernst Jakob Henne BMW R47 BMW R52 BMW R62 BMW R63 BMW R11 BMW R16 BMW WR 750
  • a Prussian Army officer and Junker. In the late 1930s, Huschke drove a BMW 328 sports car. As he had joined the SS, his car was fitted with SS rune
  • in the 1950 s and eventually became his personal assistant. The two married in 1960. After his death in 1982, she was a major shareholder in BMW and sat
  • located in Cowley, southeast Oxford, England, is owned by German carmaker BMW and is the central assembly facility for the Mini range of cars. The plant
  • automobile maker. A wholly owned subsidiary of German group BMW it was established in 1998 after BMW was licensed the rights to the Rolls - Royce brand name
  • Tyrer s BMW 328. Ian Stewart was third in an XK120. Paul Sheldon with Duncan Rabagliati 1988 A Record of Grand Prix and Voiturette Racing Volume 5 1950 53
  • driver known for racing BMW rear - wheel - drive cars in his native Britain. For 2010 he is taking on the Kumho BMW Championship in a BMW M3, in a team which
  • 1953 2000: Cane Galliani BMW 328 MM 1937 2001: Sisti Bernini Healey Silverstone 1950 2002: Cane Galliani BMW 328 Touring 1940 2003: Sielecki
  • between Williams and BMW was a factor in the decision by BMW Motorsport to buy Sauber and rebrand that team to feature the BMW name. Williams could have
  • 1950 Ulster Grand Prix, West retired from racing at the age of 41. He continued to work for Associated Motor Cycles until 1961 and later rejoined BMW
  • benefiting charity of the BMW Championship PGA Tour and has received more than 35 million from the tournament since BMW became its title sponsor in
  • location. BMW intended to position Husqvarna as the two - wheeled version of what Mini is to the BMW s car division On 31 January 2013 BMW Group announced
  • Superleggera bodies, particularly those made for the Alfa Romes 8C 2900 and the BMW 328 chassis. The company quickly re - energized after the war, with the Superleggera
  • the Mercedes - Benz 300SL Gullwing, Porsche 356 Speedster, and V - 8 powered BMW 507 roadster. Hoffman s contributions to both automobile development and
  • acquired French citizenship and in 1950 he rose to technical director of Snecma in Villaroche, where the developments of the BMW 003 engine were being monitored
  • originated with the 1938 BMW R71, then, by way of the Soviet Dnepr M72, found its way to China as the Chang Jiang. In 1950 the Peoples Liberation Army