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  • In economics and business decision - making, a sunk cost also known as retrospective cost is a cost that has already been incurred and cannot be recovered
  • A refrigerator car or reefer is a refrigerated boxcar U.S. a piece of railroad rolling stock designed to carry perishable freight at specific temperatures
  • suffer from several drawbacks. To begin with, geared ships will cost more to purchase than a gearless ship Geared ships also incur greater recurring expenses
  • a stock car cattle car cattle truck or cattle wagon British English is a type of rolling stock used for carrying livestock not carcasses to market
  • A flying car is a type of personal air vehicle or roadable aircraft that provides door - to - door transportation by both ground and air. The term flying
  • The Chrysler Turbine Car is an automobile powered by a turbine engine which was produced by Chrysler from 1963 to 1964. Its body was made by the Italian
  • the fifth ship in the Company s history to bear the name - was a passenger vessel operated by the Isle of Man Steam Packet Company from 1948 to 1978. Her
  • at reducing the average CO2 passenger car emissions to 95 g km by 2020, according to a European Commission press release. According to the release, the
  • A self - driving car also known as an autonomous vehicle AV connected and autonomous vehicle CAV driverless car robo - car or robotic car is a vehicle
  • would be placed on top of a 60, 213 ton car carrier ship to be used by Toyota Motor Corporation. In 2010, the Tûranor PlanetSolar, a 30 metre long, 15.2 metre
  • A connected car is a car that is one that can communicate bidirectionally with other systems outside of the car LAN This allows the car to share internet
  • seen as the cost to dispose, the reality was the steam plants were very expensive to maintain, and just not as efficient. The Steamers averaged 9 tons of
  • February 1975. Her ship s whistle was retained by the Company, and to the delight of lovers of Manx ships was fitted to the car ferry Ben - my - Chree during
  • Motor Car Company made Hudson and other brand automobiles in Detroit, Michigan, U.S., from 1909 to 1954. In 1954, Hudson merged with Nash - Kelvinator to form
  • still a light and very fast automobile built on a racing chassis. The car was never fully developed and the cost of sending chassis from England to Italy
  • wherever a suitable cargo takes it. Thus a ship and crew may be chartered from the ship owner to fetch a cargo of grain from Canada to Latvia, the ship may
  • A bulk carrier, bulker is a merchant ship specially designed to transport unpackaged bulk cargo, such as grains, coal, ore, steel coils and cement, in
  • expensive to maintain, and just not as efficient. The Steamers averaged 9 tons of fuel on a Douglas - Liverpool trip whilst the motor ships Mona s Queen
  • and light and was intended to be an economical means of providing frequent service at a lower infrastructure and labor cost than conventional streetcars
  • ship he did serve for a few weeks in 1893 1894 on the Adowa as second mate. In 1906 the Torrens was sold for 1, 500 she cost 27, 257 to build to an
  • approximately 1 cent ton - mile. So a 100 car train, each carrying 100 tons, over a distance of 1000 miles, would cost n00, 000. On the other hand, Intermodal
  • new - bodied cars appears to have been taken on cost grounds: disposable incomes in Spain at this time were far lower than those in Italy. In 1963 a five - door
  • adopts the U.S. Department of Transportation s definition of a passenger vehicle, to mean a car or truck, used for passengers, excluding buses and trains
  • Episodes are estimated to cost roughly n00, 000, with guests being paid in cash and the initial raw shoot lasting on average three - and - a - half hours, which
  • turbines are often used on ships locomotives, helicopters, tanks, and to a lesser extent, on cars buses, and motorcycles. A key advantage of jets and
  • hours, reaching a top speed of 112.5 mph 181.1 km h and running an average speed of 77.6 mph 124.9 km h The fuel for the run cost USn4.64 at 4
  • A clipper was a type of mid - 19th - century merchant sailing ship designed for speed. Developed from a type of schooner known as Baltimore clippers, clipper
  • awarded to the vehicles by a jury based on the reports of the observers who rode in each car the official winner was Albert Lemaitre driving a 3 hp Peugeot
  • Renault Twingo . car was fired off the docks in Belfast at a departing Stena high - speed ferry Ferry News Harwich Haven Ships and Yachts. Archived
  • 514 feet 157 m to allow full ten - car express trains to platform. Previously the stations could only platform six - car local trains. The platform extensions
  • a full - time car manufacturer. In mid 1968 following a disastrous 1967 year Norcros decided to sell their automotive subsidiary whose products cost about
  • currently planned. The average amount of time people spend commuting with public transit in Israel, for example to and from work, on a weekday is 70 min.
  • needed to fully restore the ship although by January 2009 the London Evening Standard reported that the cost had risen further to 40 million creating a new
  • to pass high enough over the canal to allow the passage of ocean - going ships The cost of doing this was felt to be prohibitive. In 1899 the Widnes
  • The Morgan Motor Company is a British motor car manufacturer that was founded in 1910 by Henry Frederick Stanley Morgan. Morgan is based in Malvern Link
  • The highway also experiences a high number of car crashes, on occasions averaging around one every three days, costing the local community around the
  • suspension of a car may be different. An early form of suspension on ox - drawn carts had the platform swing on iron chains attached to the wheeled frame
  • Executive car that originated in the Soviet Union to replace the venerated GAZ Pobeda in 1956. Their role in serving the Soviet nomenklatura made them a contemporary
  • Second only to pipelines in terms of efficiency, the average cost of oil transport by tanker amounts to only US 5 to 8 per cubic metre 0.02 to 0.03 per
  • enterprise. When average costs start falling as output increases, then economies of scale are occurring. Some economies of scale, such as capital cost of manufacturing
  • was delivered to Union Steam Ship Company UK Ltd in January 1972 and sailed from England on 16 February carrying a cargo of motor cars On 18 March she
  • a ship and its cargo after a shipwreck or other maritime casualty. Salvage may encompass towing, re - floating a vessel, or effecting repairs to a ship
  • second - deadliest peacetime sinking of a European ship after the RMS Titanic, and the deadliest peacetime shipwreck to have occurred in European waters, with
  • 1917, at a cost of 410, 000. The first traffic over the bridge was to owl cars the last run of the trolleys, and then after 5am the same day to all other
  • account of cost A natural gas battery hybrid combustion engine car emits about the same amount of CO2 uses just as much natural gas as a battery hybrid
  • Shipyards built 747 ships during World War II, a rate never equaled. Compared to the average ship built elsewhere, Richmond ships were completed in two - thirds
  • was a three - masted wooden clipper ship launched in 1851 at Saint John, New Brunswick. She was named after Venetian traveler Marco Polo. The ship carried
  • Dublin, and underwent a refit costing 750, 000. Superstructure, including a helicopter pad, was built up aft, over the former car deck. In 1983, the enterprise
  • current car ferry terminal. Bjorgvin was ordered by Norway in 1913 to supplement the older Eidsvold and Tordenskjold classes of coastal defence ships She
  • more logical to use a ship to move the oil across the Atlantic Ocean than a pipeline. Tank cars are another way to move crude oil across a landmass. The
  • compared with a monohull, and can give reduced wakes. Catamarans range in size from small sailing or rowing vessels to large naval ships and car ferries
  • important means of transportation. A range of ships are used, from large cargo ships to small pump boats. Some trips last for a day or two on large overnight
  • islands, allowing direct transit between points at a capital cost much lower than bridges or tunnels. Ship connections of much larger distances such as over
  • seconds. The running cost of Trev is projected to be less than 1 10 of the running cost of a small petrol car Dimethyl ether DME is a promising fuel in
  • of cargo ships is generally both tight and inelastic - it takes two years to build a new ship and the cost of laying up a ship is too high to take out
  • access roads to the newly built Warnow Tunnel, the new trade fair and congress centre, the integration of the historical ship type Frieden as a wharf museum
  • development of the first practical ice - cooled railroad car which allowed his company to ship dressed meats to all parts of the country and abroad, ushering in
  • the Norwegian Ship Register ships on the NIS enjoy many benefits of flags of convenience and do not have to be crewed by Norwegians. Car ferries are vital
  • Iraklion was a roll on roll off car ferry operating the lines Piraeus Chania and Piraeus Irakleio between 1965 and 1966. The ship capsized and sank