• DAF YP-408 DAF YP-408

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  • DAF 55 DAF 55

    The DAF 55 is a small family car produced by the Dutch company DAF from December 1967 to September 1972. At that time it was replaced with the DAF 66. All 55...

DAF Trucks

DAF Trucks is a Dutch truck manufacturing company and a division of Paccar. Its headquarters and main plant are in Eindhoven. Cabs and axle assemblies are produced at its Westerlo plant in Belgium. Some of the truck models sold with the DAF brand are designed and built by Leyland Trucks at its Leyland plant in England.


1. History
In 1928, Hubert "Hub" van Doorne founded the company as Commanditaire Vennootschap Hub van Doornes Machinefabriek. His co-founder and investor was A.H. Huenges, managing director of a brewery. Van Doorne had repaired Huenges car several times, and Huenges, pleased with his work, offered to finance him in business. Hub started to work in a small workshop on the grounds of the brewery.
In 1932, the company, by then run by Hub and his brother, Wim van Doorne, changed its name to Van Doornes Aanhangwagen Fabriek Van Doornes Trailer Factory, abbreviated to DAF. Huenges left the company in 1936 and the DAF company was then completely in the hands of the van Doorne brothers.
DAF developed the Trado conversions to convert 4×2 Ford trucks to an off-road 6×4 drive. One of DAFs few armoured vehicles, the M39 Pantserwagen, used developments of this Trado drivetrain. M39 production came too late for World War II - in the invasion of the Netherlands 1940 only three saw combat.
After World War II luxury cars and lorries were very scarce. This meant a big opportunity for DAF. In 1949, the company started making lorries, trailers and buses, changing its name to Van Doornes Automobiel Fabriek Van Doornes Automobile Factory. The first lorry model was the DAF A30.
Through the 1950s, DAF was a major supplier to the re-equipping of the Dutch Armys softskin vehicles, with models such as the DAF YA-126 and DAF YA-328 Dikke Daf. These used the all-wheel drive H-drive developed from the Trado conversions.
In the end of 1954, Hub van Doorne had the idea to use belt drive, just like many of the machines in the factory that were belt-driven, to drive road vehicles. In 1955, DAF produced its first drafts of a car belt drive system. Over the next few years, the design was developed and refined. In February 1958, DAF demonstrated a small belt driven four seater car at the Dutch car show the AutoRAI.
The public reaction was very positive and 4000 cars were ordered. In 1959, DAF started selling the worlds first car with a continuously variable transmission, the small four seater DAF 600. This was the first of a series of models to be released in subsequent years, including the DAF 33, DAF 44, DAF 55 and DAF 66, all using the innovative Variomatic transmission system.
In 1967, DAF opened a new plant in Born for car production. The 44 was the first model to be produced there.
In 1972, International Harvester of Chicago bought a 33% stake in DAF with the Dutch government holding 25% and the Van Doorne family holding the remaining 42%, forming a joint venture. This agreement lasted until 1981. DAF sold its passenger car division, along with what is now the Nedcar factory in Born, in 1975 to the Swedish company Volvo Cars, leaving DAF to concentrate on its successful line of lorries.
In 1987, DAF merged with the Leyland Trucks division of Rover Group, and in June 1989 was floated on the Dutch and London Stock Exchanges as DAF NV. The new company traded as Leyland DAF in the United Kingdom, and as DAF elsewhere.
DAF Bus was split off in 1990 to become a part of United Bus. Following difficulties in the British market, After DAF NV was placed in administration in February 1993, the Dutch operations were sold in a management buyout with the business branded DAF Trucks.
In October 1996 Paccar acquired DAF Trucks. DAF Trucks and Leyland Trucks were rejoined in June 1998, when Paccar also acquired Leyland Trucks. On 9 January 2012, Paccar installed the cornerstone of the new plant in the city of Ponta Grossa, in the state of Parana, Brazil.
DAF now has a net worth of 1.7 Billion dollars

1.1. History Car business
The first passenger car, the DAF 600, was presented to the public in February 1958. It featured unitary steel construction, with a front mounted, air cooled two cylinder boxer engine driving the rear wheels through a centrifugal clutch and the Variomatic CVT transmission. The way this was constructed eliminated the need for a differential, with the drivebelts taking up the difference of speed in turns.
This acted as a limited slip differential. The car had independent suspension all round, with MacPherson struts and a transverse leaf spring at the front, and a coil sprung semi trailing arm design at the rear. The first 600s rolled off the production line in the following year. The next model was the 750, featuring a larger 749 cc 45.7 cu in twin.
Later, DAF produced a more luxurious type called the Daffodil, divided into three models assigned the numbers DAF 30, DAF 31 and DAF 32. The designation 32 was changed to 33 upon the 1966 release of the 44, a larger middle class vehicle designed by Giovanni Michelotti.
The 44 featured a completely new design aesthetically as well as mechanically, but was of the same layout as the "A types" the 600, 750, 30, 31, 32 and 33, with the main difference being its 850 cc 52 cu in two cylinder engine, and its full swingaxle rear axle design as opposed to the A type semi trailing arms.
The 1968 DAF 55 carried a bigger water cooled 1.108 cc 67.6 cu in OHV four cylinder engine derived from the Renault 8 Cleon engine. Its body design was altered from the 44 by a new front which accommodated the longer engine and radiator, bigger taillights, and a more plush interior. The front suspension was changed from a transverse leaf spring to MacPherson struts with torsion springs and an antiroll bar.
The DAF 66 was introduced as a successor to the 55. It featured new, boxy styling of the front, and a new rear axle design. The two drive belts now powered a differential, and the axle was changed from a swingaxle design to a leaf sprung de Dion axle. It was a major improvement over the tricky handling of the swing axles of the earlier 33, 44 and 55 models.
Volvo purchased a 33 percent stake in DAF in December 1972, with the intent of taking a larger interest. They increased their holdings to 75% on 1 January 1975, taking over the company and the Nedcar plant. Volvo dropped the 33 and 44 models, and later rebadged the DAF 66 as the Volvo 66, with bigger bumpers and a safety steering wheel.
The DAF 46 was developed with Volvos assistance, and was basically a 44 with the rear axle of a 66 and a single belt Variomatic half the 66s transmission. A big weakness of this system is that a failed drive belt would cripple the car. The last DAF design, codenamed P900, initially intended to be the DAF 77, was developed during the transition to Volvo ownership and was ultimately launched as the Volvo 300 series in 1976, firstly as the Volvo 343 three door hatchback with the Variomatic transmission.
After initial slow sales, the range was expanded into the 340/360, with a five door variant and the availability of manual transmission, and the 340/360 range became a sales success, eventually surpassing 1.3 million units by the time production ceased in 1991. The subsequent Volvo 440/460/480 and the first generation S40/V40 models were also made at the Nedcar plant, until Volvo sold its interest to Mitsubishi Motors in 2001, marking the end of Volvos involvement with the former DAF plant after almost thirty years. Today, the plant is now owned by VDL Nedcar, and contract manufactures certain Mini models for BMW.

1.2. History Prototypes and special cars
For a small company, DAF made a huge number of prototypes. Also, famous coach builders like Giovanni Michelotti and OSI made cars based on the DAF technique. For instance, the OSI City Car, which turned into a miniature. There was also Michelottis "Shellette" beach car, which was later modified to use Fiat 850 underpinnings. The Dutch Royal Family used one of these at their Porto Ercole summer residence.

2. Lorry business
DAF produced their first lorry, the A30, in 1949. This lorry was upgraded in the following years. Their first attempt into the international market was a failure, the 2000DO. Their next lorry was the 1964 2600, which became a big seller with its well equipped but practical cabin. They also produced a so called torpedo front tractor.
In the 1970s, a new modular tilting cab called the F218 was introduced on the F1600/F2000 range of vehicles. Three years later, the wider F241, which featured DAFs characteristic three wiper windscreen, was introduced as the DAF 2800. This design lasted until the introduction of the 95 style cab in 1987. There was also a lighter, narrower version called the F198 which was introduced in 1972 on the F1200 and F1400, but this short lived model was replaced after only three years. In 1984, DAF truck production was 13.645; this increased to 14.382 in calendar year 1985.
DAF was also one of the first to introduce an intercooled turbocharged diesel engine into their lorries, which in these years became very evident with their 3600. Their largest 11.6-litre 710 cu in six cylinder turbodiesel was based on the old Leyland O.680 motor. It was to be DAFs standard large engine long into the nineties.
DAFs 95 series was launched in 1987, and quickly gained the coveted Truck of The Year award. The 95 featured an all new cab developed jointly with ENASA of Spain, a revised version of the 11.6-litre ATI engine, rated at 310, 350, and 380 bhp, and 16 speed ZF Friedrichshafen gearbox. On the Continent Eatons Twinsplitter gearbox was an option. A full range of axle configurations were offered, to suit every operating requirement.
Much attention was paid to soundproofing, the gearlinkage for example was telescopic, in cab noise levels on the 95 put many luxury saloons to shame. An update in 1991 saw new power ratings of 329, 364, and 401 Bhp, – a 430 Bhp variant, along with low deck tractor unit models and revised interior trim, were introduced in the spring of 1992.
Two years later, after an intensive study of the ultra long haul market sector, DAF unveiled the 95.500 Super Spacecab at the 1994 RAI show. The 95 series cabin had gained height and length, and sat atop Cummins 14-litre N14, rated at 507 bhp. ZFs new Aluminium cased 16S221 gearbox was fitted, with optional Intarder, an innovation was the hydraulic gearshift developed with Konsberg of Norway.
Within an overall height of 3.85m, the Super boasted an interior standing height of 2.25m, a luxury bunk with generous stowage underneath, and a full range of options included microwave, fridge, and a television/video system. The 95.500 was available as a 4x2 tractor or drawbar rigid, with LHD only, though the Super Spacecab was available on 11.6-litre engined models, and sold well. The 95.500 is now a very rare truck, which is surprising given the original list price of £87.650.
The basic cab design remains in production to this day, latterly as the 95XF and now the XF105, although both these developments of the original 95 are totally different machines under the skin. Other vehicles in the DAF range have included the inherited from Leyland Trucks Roadrunner Badged DAF 600, 800, 1000 on the Continent which evolved into the 45 Series, the cab of which was used on the 18 ton gross 55, also as a military spec 4×4.
An all new medium to heavyweight line up debuted in the end of 1992, the 65, 75 and 85 utilising the same wedge shaped cab. Powered by DAFs 6.24-litre 381 cu in, 8.65-litre 528 cu in and 11.6-litre 710 cu in engines, some novel styling details featured, while the 85 Series cab sat 10 cm 3.94 in higher on the chassis to clear the WS engine.
A short lived model was the 1990 to 1993 80 Series, using the T45 Roadtrain cab acquired from the Leyland Trucks takeover, fitted with the ATI driveline. Also offered for a short period was the 3200, basically a remodelled 2800 with the corporate style, three bar grille.
There is a DAF LF45 hybrid version, which was presented by DAF at the IAA 2010 in Hannover.

2.1. Lorry business Tatra
In August 2011, DAF announced it had built up a 19% stake in Tatra, which will use DAF cabs and Paccar engines. DAF dealers will sell Tatra off road lorries.

3.1. Motorsport Cars
DAF cars had the image of being slow. The company tried to change this image with entries in rallies and races, such as their entry in the London-Sydney Marathon.
They were pioneers with continuously variable automatic transmission called Variomatic.

3.2. Motorsport Truck Racing
2002: DAF competed in the Dakar rally, with Jan de Rooy and his son Gerard.
1988: Two lorries were entered into the Paris-Dakar rally: the X1 en X2. Jan de Rooys lorry was running third overall, beating the Peugeot 405 T16s on speed, when DAFs other lorry, driven by Theo van de Rijt, was involved in a crash. His co driver Kees Van Loevezijn was fatally injured, and the other two occupants of the lorry narrowly escaped the same fate. DAF withdrew from the event following the crash.
2003: DAF competed in the Dakar rally, winning numerous stages before Gerard de Rooy crashed.
2006: Jan and Gerard de Rooij were excluded from the Dakar rally because of paperwork issues.
1980s: DAF lorries started competing in the Dakar Rally, winning in 1982, 1985 and 1987. In the later years, they competed with a twin engine lorries: the 1986 TurboTwin, the 1987 TurboTwin II and the 1988 X1. The later producing a combined power output of 1.220 PS 900 kW.
1996: DAF started competing in the European Truck Racing Championship series, first not very successful, but by 1999, they almost became champions. Then to everyones surprise, it withdrew.
2004: DAF competed in the Dakar rally, powering six racelorrys. Jan en Gerard de Rooy, the team Tridec, The team Hans Bekx with two lorries and the GINAF Rally Power team Note that four lorries were built by DAF, two by GINAF.
2005: Hans Bekx almost finished second overall in the lorry division, before being removed from the competition because of an irregularity, much to the surprise of the mostly Dutch fans.

  • DAF Trucks UCI team code: DAF was a Belgian professional cycling team that existed from 1979 to 1983. Its main sponsor was Dutch truck manufacturing
  • The DAF LF is a range of light medium duty trucks produced by the British manufacturer Leyland Trucks It is a redevelopment from the Leyland Roadrunner
  • Leyland DAF was placed into receivership. Leyland DAF was formed in February 1987, when the Leyland Trucks division, including the Freight Rover van making
  • right - hand drive DAF trucks are produced by the British manufacturer Leyland Trucks It was originally known as the DAF 65, 75 and 85 in 1992. DAF CF displayed
  • The DAF F218 and later F220 is the name of a modular cab used on a series of medium - duty trucks produced by the Dutch manufacturer DAF from early 1970
  • The DAF F241 series is the name of a cab used on a series of heavy - duty, mostly long distance trucks produced by the Dutch manufacturer DAF from 1973
  • The DAF XF is a range of semi trucks produced by the Dutch manufacturer DAF Trucks NV. The XF 105 won the International Truck of the Year 2007 award.
  • DAF NV originally DAF BV was a holding company formed in April 1987, when DAF Trucks and the Leyland Trucks division of the Rover Group merged. In February
  • 1986, the truck business was spun out and merged with DAF Trucks to form DAF NV, operating as Leyland DAF in the United Kingdom. After DAF NV was placed
  • page of Gemara DAF Bus International, Netherlands, later VDL Bus Coach DAF Car BV, later VDL Nedcar DAF Trucks Netherlands, truck and former car manufacturer
  • GINAF trucks participating in the rally has been on the rise since Dutch driver Hans Bekx entered a newly constructed GINAF truck in 2000. DAF Trucks CommercialMotor
  • customer support of light - medium - and heavy - duty trucks under the Kenworth, Peterbilt, Leyland Trucks and DAF nameplates. PACCAR also designs and manufactures
  • The Club of Four was an alliance of four European truck manufacturers: Saviem, Volvo, DAF and Magirus - Deutz. Officially called the Societe Europeenne
  • and trucks De Vries started at the design department of DAF in Helmond, where he worked on the design of Project 900, the successor of the DAF 66. In
  • Leyland Trucks to allow for increased volume of DAF brand trucks The last Foden was produced in July 2006, putting an end to 150 years of Foden truck manufacturing
  • bus - building business of DAF Originally named DAF Bus International after being separated from the truck - building business of DAF it joined United Bus
  • included two new truck companies, Scania and Renault Trucks with MAN returning from the original game. DAF Iveco, Mercedes - Benz, and Volvo trucks were not officially
  • vehicles. These trucks are normally referred to as Leyland but occasionally DAF or Leyland DAF with most vehicles being badged Leyland DAF Truck maker Leyland
  • 6 6, 8 8 and 10 10. The truck was developed in cooperation with the DAF Trucks company. For the Tatra 158 Phoenix model line, the Tatra does not use
  • sales of South East Asian markets and DAF Trucks Taiwan is only in charge of sales and service. DAF 台朔汽車股份有限公司簡介 夢碎 台朔汽車吹熄燈號 台塑貨運 攻東南亞重車 DAF Taiwan
  • truck company DAF Trucks to form DAF NV, which was later floated on the Dutch stock market. The British arm of the new company traded as Leyland DAF
  • Milan and finished in Como. The race was won by Hennie Kuiper of the DAF Trucks team. Tour of Lombardy - Il Lombardia Giro di Lombardia BikeRaceInfo
  • time. The businessman from Normandy later moved to Brittany to found a DAF Trucks dealership in Noyal - sur - Vilaine near the town of Rennes. In 2016 Lemonnier
  • independently. Stop press: Daf Bus Bova merger Commercial Motor 23 November 1989 Mergers Commercial Motor 21 June 1990 Peck, Colin 2010 DAF Trucks Since 1949. Veloce
  • 1993 to 2002 XF series, a series of experimental aircraft DAF XF, a truck made by DAF Trucks Jaguar XF, a car made by Jaguar since 2008 XF grade a letter
  • range of trucks and for a brief period was marketed as the S2000 range of trucks MAN now RMMV claimed it was the most mobile and reliable truck on earth
  • hybrid. Suitable for example waste collecting trucks Other hybrid petroleum - electric truck makers are DAF Trucks MAN AG with MAN TGL Series, Nikola Motor
  • design. Peck, Colin 2010 The 1950s new factories, new trucks and buses DAF Trucks Since 1949. Poundbury, Dorset, UK: Veloce Publishing. p. 19
  • rebranded as LDV in January 1994. Prior to its merger with Leyland Trucks and DAF Trucks in 1987, it was part of the British Leyland Rover Group empire
  • 083 trucks in 1981. The company was bought by Canadian truck maker Western Star in June 1996. However, after Paccar s purchase of Foden, DAF Trucks and

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DAF XF DAF Trucks Van Volvo Trucks Car, car transparent background PNG clipart size: 1230x768px filesize: 990.03KB AB Volvo Bus Mercedes Benz Car. Nrc tag axle google - wiki.infogn. The first passenger car, the DAF 600, was presented to the public in February 1958, it featured unitary steel construction, with a. Daf cf price. 3 days ago Its a little DAF 66, from 1972. DAF started out in the 1920s as a truck manufacturer, and produced its vehicles in a small workshop within the.

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Preston Feight, president of DAF Trucks, has been elected as the chairman of the European Automobile Manufacturers Association ACEA Commercial Vehicle. Daf Truck Key Replacement Lost Car Keys. Vehicles For Sale. Available in many styles, colours and materials our DAF curtains, seat covers, DAF truck tables, LED logos, or ECO leather floor sets are. DAF Trucks Autopedia FANDOM powered by a. Kongsberg Automotive introduces a new technology for enabled drivers safety, improved suspension and more comfort. The new vehicle dynamic technology,. Australia DAF XF DAF Trucks Paccar, PNG, 1528x1257px, Australia. This statistic shows the total number of registered DAF Trucks FA 45LF model heavy goods vehicles in Great Britain between 2001 and 2018. DAF Trucks Delivers First All Electric CF Truck To Jumbo InsideEVs. 26 Sep 2017 The business of importing and distributing commercial vehicles like trucks and heavy equipment is not a very glamorous job. However, it is a.

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Results 1 29 of 29 Daf cf price. Used DAF Tractor Units, Rigid Trucks and Associated Vehicles. we are selling: iveco eurocargo 4. check out the latest daf. DAF Museum Eindhoven 2019 All You Need to Know BEFORE. Every day, Hulleman Trucks sells new competitively priced trucks, tractor units, semi trailers, trailers and other transport vehicles all over the world. Daf XF105. 510 6X2 RETARDER EURO 5. € 25.900. DAF XF 95 For Sale With Price Japanese Used Cars SBT JAPAN. DAF Trucks 3D models for download, files in 3ds, max, c4d, maya, blend, obj, fbx with low poly, 3D model daf xf 2020 semi truck daf 600 car 3d max. Scania AB DAF Trucks Car Volkswagen Group Logo, scania PNG. 19 Dec 2018 Delivery of the fully electric DAF commercial vehicle marks the start of a series of long term field tests using both fully electric and hybrid trucks.

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Find the perfect daf truck stock photo. AIC Transport Ltd car transporter with Daf XF105 tractor unit travelling on the M61 motorway near Farnworth, Parcel. DAF Innovative electric trucks demonstrate the Automotive World. User PhenixLaLegende uploaded this Car DAF Trucks DAF XF Paccar Peterbilt PNG image on July 19, 2018, 5:51 am. The resolution of this file is. Paccar May Launch DAF Trucks in India WSJ. In response to customer demand, DAF Trucks has made available a new, to develop a system specifically for DAF vehicles which will alert drivers to the close. DAF trucks showcases electric and hybrid trucks at IAA CV Green. You can choose the color of your DAF Truck brand vehicle and order a 100% color matching paint immediately. Lorry business. 23 Sep 2019 Jury member and car racer Michael Bleekemolen is put to the test in our maneuverability challenge. What do you think? Could you do this?.

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PACCAR is a global leader in the design, manufacture and customer support of high quality premium trucks. DAF Trucks Car Transparent Png download 3840 2160 Free. Find wide variety used cars from used car auctions and sale. The DAF XF is a range of semi trucks designed and developed by a British manufacturer. XF sets. Daf Trucks Polska Car Dealers Wolica, Katowicka 40, Nadarzyn. Daf Trucks Polska in Nadarzyn, reviews by real people. Yelp is a fun and easy way to find, recommend and talk about whats great and not so great in Nadarzyn.

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Results 1 48 of 87 D. These SCANIA DAF IVECO MAN MERCEDES BENZ RENAULT. You may sort the ads of Scania trucks, Trailers, and other vehicles by. Scania Bus Interior. In All Car Brands. Apr 27, 2018. DAF Trucks Logo 6000x3000 HD png DAF Trucks NV is a Dutch truck manufacturing company and a division of Paccar. Daf truck manual. Advertise your Commercial Vehicle to 1000s of buyers on the Friday Ad! Search for used DAF LF Tipper trucks for sale on Auto Trader, UKs no 1 provider of. DAF Trucks FA 45LF HGVs registered Great Britain 2001 2018. 4 May 2015 DAF Trucks is looking for a talented digital modeller with excellent sense of form to join the team at the DAF Design Center in Eindhoven,.

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5 Jun 2019 B CAR presents to you the transmission cables references for the DAF Trucks. DAFs New CF and XF have been voted International Truck of. Auto Parts & Accessories DAF TRUCKS LOGO WINDOW VINYL. Available trucks in the mod: Scania R 2009 – Scania DOWNLOAD. Renault and DAF trucks The Genuine Alternative Buying a new or used car online has. ARCHIVED REPORT DAF Trucks NV Archived 2 99 Forecast. DAF Trucks NV is a leading commercial vehicle manufacturer in Europe, offering a complete range of trucks: the DAF Euro 6 XF, CF and LF series. DAF is a. DAF Trucks Partners With VDL Groep On A Fully Electric Class 8. Ivan Hodac secretarygeneral of the European Automobile Manufacturers Association from left Paolo car transporters daf trucks nv stock photos and pictures. Introducing vehicle dynamic products for DAF trucks. If you drive your car and water temperature doesnt go over 100 degrees then. Hi, I have a daf cf 85 tipper truck I had to change the termostat due to it being.

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The upper floor contains DAF old cars they produced those in the past, and sport cars of. The military vehicles, fire engines and the DAF trucks that took. Daf xf 105 wiring diagram Gyomatix. With a huge range of products for the vehicle and driver at the best possible prices. NEW 24V AIR HORN TRUCK DAF SCANIA IVECO MAN VOLVO MACK. Worlds Best Daf Trucks Nv Stock Pictures, Photos, and Images. Truck DAF Trucks DAF XF Car Van PNG. 524x633 148. Paccar Logo Paccar DAF Trucks Logo FAW Group PNG. 1968x453 246. Check Paccar DAF Trucks. Modland Fs17 park elanza. 12 Mar 2014 DAF truck auto car DAF daffer furgon truck truckdaf trucker vehicle wagon. Category: DAF Trucks vehicles pedia. Revolvy Brains folder DAF Trucks vehicles contains DAF F241 series, DAF F218 series, DAF LF, DAF XF, DAF CF, Club of Four, DAF Trucks.

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Over twenty five years we have become one of the largest professional suppliers of DAF used commercial vehicles in the UK. Our mission statement of Service,. Home PACCAR. 27 Feb 2015 Published: February 27, 2015 London, UK. Intelligent Telematics has teamed up with DAF Trucks to trial the benefits of vehicle cameras as. Daf cf user manual. Shop with Edmunds for perks and special offers on new cars, trucks, and SUVs near Moses Lake, WA. RAJAMAKI, FINLAND JUNE 28, 2014: New, white DAF.

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